Drawings and photography inspired by nature, travel, adventure, and a goat. Not necessarily in that order.

About The Art

Becky Tyler Art and Photography started as a simple idea. I wanted to combine the things I loved; drawing, photography, traveling, and nature. I wanted to find inspiration where ever I could, and wanted to see where it would take me. It's become quite the adventure. In the last few years I hiked the national parks of Utah, Arizona, and California. A six foot tall emu gave chase in the Australian outback. Nights in Sydney kept me entertained with the lights of the annual Vivid light show. The ghosts of Alcatraz welcomed me with open arms. The lava rocks I took from the Haleakala crater on Maui still keep me inspired ten years later.


About The Artist

I am an artist and photographer located on the frozen tundra of Minneapolis, Minnesota. I enjoy traveling, roller coasters, autumn, reading, Hugh Jackman and dove dark chocolate. When I'm not working, drawing, taking photos, or buying new art supplies at the local art supply store, I'm usually found obsessing over orchids, watching the Green Bay Packers or inventing new pancake recipes.

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